The Saxophone playing DJ

A good DJ through experience, builds a bridge, between generations and musical tastes, and has open ears to the wishes of the hearer says Markus Friedrichsen, who has 10 years of musical liaison for events and functions behind him. As a musician, he has a natural feel for appropriate rhythm and tempo, so you can expect a perfect mix with smooth transitions between decades and styles. His live Saxophone accompaniment alongside his own remixed classics like Lily was here and Cantaloupe Island set the dance floor on fire with excitement. The Sound system is of top quality and provides a clear, comfortable sound. Microphones and Lighting is also provided. Feel free to speak with Markus Friedrichsen over all arrangements and musical wishes.

Markus Friedrichsen - DJ & Saxophone

DJ and Sound

Massive song database of all genres and styles, High Quality Sound System from Elektro Voice and JBL, Wireless Mic, Mixing Console, Par56 Lighting, Martin Lighting effects and much more.

Saxophone Acts

Lily was here, Cantaloupe Island, Streetlife, Sex Machine, Just the two of us, Invitation, Lean on me, Easier said than done, Kiss, Sex Bomb, On Broadway